Fertility And Pregnancy Dietary Factors

Everybody knows what a healthy diet can do to one’s body. It can increase the immune system, provide enough vitamins and nutrients to the cells and give enough energy to stay active and alert all throughout the day. Fertility and a good diet should always go hand in hand. When a woman is ready to conceive, she experiences changes that make her body ready for conception. Men’s fertility may also be dependent on what they eat. But what exactly can a proper diet do to one’s body and what are the foods that should be eaten to enhance one’s fertility?

Foods For Fertility

1. Essential vitamins and nutrients
First, a mixture of whole grain and organic food with lots of vegetables and fruits will provide essential vitamins and nutrients needed by the body. Bread and grain are better taken when not processed and stripped of their fiber and nutrients.
2. Protein and iron
Second, meat should not be skipped at all because it is needed to get enough protein and iron. Remember that lack of iron can lead to anemia which is not a good thing whether or not a woman if planning to conceive.

3. Calcium
Third, dairy products can give sufficient calcium which both women and men needs. For those who are vegetarian, make sure to take iron and calcium supplements. Lack of nutrients will affect conception and if ever, a growing fetus.
4. Omega 3 fatty acids
Fourth, seafood such as salmon and tuna will give omega-3 fatty acid, which gives one a clear skin, plus it enhances one’s brain is considered important to both men and women’s fertility.
5. Folic Acid
Fifth, fruits like oranges have folic which everybody knows is essential to a growing fetus. If one is not sure if they can get all the necessary nutrients, then there are other options such as multivitamins. It is also advisable to stop drinking alcohol and beer when trying to conceive. Alcohol has an unfavourable effect on a fetus as well as to the mother.
When a woman does not have a proper diet, especially if she is under or overweight, they may find that their menstrual cycle is irregular. Being irregular makes it even harder to conceive. There are also some foods that can lower sperm count. One of them is soy. Soy products are not advisable to be eaten because besides reducing the sperm count, it lowers men’s libido.
Keep in mind that fertility and a good diet always go together. It will not only give one a healthy body but increases the chance of fertility when trying to conceive. A healthy diet is also important once the fetus is growing because that little life inside is depending on all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that a mother will consume while pregnant.
It is crucial to make the point that many couples who have fertility problems need to seek medical help because there may be medical reasons why they are not getting pregnant. A healthy diet alone does not guarantee getting pregnant we all know that but being healthy enhances a couple’s chances of conception if there are no other underlying medical problems.
Many couples who experience difficulty conceiving experience a lot of stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, the last thing a couple needs when they are trying to conceive is stress and anxiety. If you are one of those couples who are stressed or anxious or depressed, get help for your problem.

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