Balance Yoga

balance yogaBalance yoga is about much more than being able to stand up straight or keep your equilibrium intact. The art of yoga is all about creating balance both physically and mentally. Yoga enhances all that we are capable of doing. The practice of yoga can strengthen our bodies and minds. It can bring harmony to our chaotic lives. It creates self awareness like no other form of exercise or meditation alone can accomplish.

Most people go through daily life without realizing they are not in balance. This can be the result of repeated strain on the body or injury. You can be unbalanced by unconsciously favoring one side over another. You may naturally be stronger on one side and not even know it. Inactivity can lead to being unbalanced as well. Being imbalanced can cause strain on the joints and general discomfort. This can also cause pain. Your hips, feet, back and neck may suffer needlessly due to being unbalanced. Balance yoga techniques and poses can correct this.

Test Your Balance

First, to see if you are indeed imbalanced and which side is lacking in strength, try turning your head to each side. You may notice it feels more difficult or awkward turning to one side. Bending from one side to the other can also tell you if you are unbalanced. One true test that usually points out this irregularity in balance is the ease of bending forward as opposed to bending backwards.

The key to balance is proper posture. Yoga naturally improves posture which allows your abdominal organs to work much better. Good posture allows you to breathe fuller and more efficiently. It also tightens up the abdominal muscles, making your back stronger and your appear leaner and slimmer. Proper balance and posture improves the workings of the digestive system also. Your digestive track will operate smoothly, leading to balanced eating and activity. Once you consciously focus on your improved posture, you will start to feel more balanced and more aware of your body’s strengths and movements.

Poses for Balance

Once you have maintained good posture through yoga, you can focus on balance yoga poses. Mountain pose is the perfect test to see just where you are in reference to your balance. During mountain pose, you stand straight with your legs slightly apart and close your eyes. You should begin to feel yourself center. Tree pose is another standing pose that can instantly help you achieve better balance. It also strengthens your legs, allowing for better balance even when not doing yoga.

Fish pose consist of lying on your back and then forming an arch upwards. This will strengthen your core and make your back longer and more flexible. Eagle pose is a one legged pose which is bound to increase balance if you keep trying it. Chair pose is a great way to manipulate the body and lead to focus on balance above all else.

Balance Yoga Inside and Out

Balance yoga is about so much more than the physical sensation of balance. Just as the yoga term hatha means sun and moon, our souls and environments are all about balance. The male and female, yin and yang, inhale exhale, and left and right are all centered around balance. Yoga balances our hormones, metabolism, and even the very life breaths we take. Once our physical core is balanced and our minds are clear and open to balancing our busy lives, we can truly feel centered.

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